Some Of The Services Our Olney Plumbers Offer

Our Olney plumbers don't do any service without first giving you a written estimate. This way, you won't be hit by any hidden fees. Once we have decided on a fix, we'll get it done quickly. After we've finished, we'll walk you through everything that was done and make sure you understand it. We'll also set you up with several options for maintenance. This doesn't just go for residential service. Our commercial service shines as well.

We service hundreds of businesses throughout the Olney area from family-owned businesses to major retailers. We've done everything from custom piping for new construction to retrofits for expanding businesses. If you are looking to test out a new plumbing service, give us a call. You've got nothing to lose with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our superior service and courteous and professional techs will show you the best service and workmanship in the area.

No matter what type of service you need, our tech can handle it. We do installation, repair, and replacement of:

  • Water heater repairWater heater installation from one of our expert techs
  • Sewer line replacement and repair
  • video inspections
  • faucet installation and repair
  • garbage disposal repair and installation
  • repipes
  • water main lines
  • toilets
  • drain line clearing
  • gasline installation and repair
  • gas leaks
  • emergency shutoff valves
  • home inspections
  • water softeners
  • water purifiers
  • reverse osmosisWater Softeners Are one of our specialities
  • conventional water heaters
  • water heater pressure release valves
  • code inspections/retrofits
  • pressure regulators
  • shower valve/bathtub repairs and installations
  • dishwasher installation and air gaps
  • instahots
  • slab leak detection and repair
  • remodels
  • backflow prevention testing, maintenance, and repair
  • recirculation pumps
  • point of use water heaterswhole home re-pipes are something we know well
  • preventative maintenance
  • pipe insulation
  • water heater testing
  • water purity testing
  • die testing toilets
  • leak repair

Tips & Hints

For too long have home and commercial building owners have looked down upon contractors because of past experiences. For too long have these people also made mistakes about basic plumbing maintenance and about choosing a plumber when in the need of one. Here at My Plumber Heating & Air we feel it is our responsibility to inform everyone about such things so that we can hopefully keep a little extra green in your wallets. Here are some things we think you ought to know:

  • Leaks in your roof or plumbing - Any water that is trapped inside walls or under carpeting will cause molds to grow there. In not so obvious places, check to see if your walls or rugs have light stains or a strong musty smell.
  • Avoid over-fertilizing your lawn. During rainstorms, nutrients from lawn fertilizer can be washed off lawns and paved areas into local waters.
  • Pick up after your pets. Dog waste and feces from other warm-blooded animals pollute local waterways and are larger polluters than you may think.